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Vons and Safeway Deliver Online Grocery Orders

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Looking for an online supermarket in California for your grocery shopping?
Wanting an online supermarket with a California grocery delivery service?
Vons and Safeway can help, just select a grocery store link above.

Online Supermarket Foods in the California Grocery Stores

The online supermarkets in California have the same range of supermarket foods that are sold in the regular stores and making your selection is made easy as all stocked items are set out in "virtual aisles". As you browse you will see aisles that list Beverages, Bread & Bakery, Breakfast Cereal, Canned Goods Soups, Condiments, Spices and Bake, Cookies, Snacks and Candy, Dairy, Eggs and Cheese, Deli, Flowers, Frozen Foods, Fruits and Vegetables, Grains, Pasta, International Cuisine, Meat and Seafood, Paper, Cleaning and Home, Personal Care and Pharmacy, Pet Care, Wine, Beer and Spirits,
The stocked items that are carried by each online supermarket depends on the store size and may vary between the Californian stores.

Guidelines for Online Supermarket Shopping

After selecting a store, enter your zip to browse their online supermarket stock and to check that home delivery is available in your particular zip. Click on the try it now button in the free delivery promo display and you will be transferred to the complete list of virtual "aisles" where you can browse or begin shopping. If you have a prepared shopping list the simplest way  to shop is to enter the items in the search box found at the top right hand corner of each page. To assist in making a selection and to save time, returning customers are able to recall the food items previously purchased .
At the checkout you are able to select the day and time when delivery is requred and one hour, two hour or four hour delivery windows are available. The groceries for your online shopping basket are hand-selected from a local grocery store in your area, and delivered to your home address in a temperature controlled trucks. A person over the age of eighteen years must be home to receive the delivery, and if not, the order will be returned to their supermarket and a full refund given.

If you need contact information
Their Safeway Customer Service Postal Address is
Safeway Inc.,
PO Box 29093
Phoenix, AZ 85038-9093
Phone: 1-877-505-4040

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